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  • Type&Model: 530 Inkjet
  • Material:
  • Usage: Card Printer Label PrinterPaper Printer
  • Mesh size: 87cm*67cm*63cm
  • Warranty: MSDSISO9001
  • Introduction

    530 Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer adopt the worlds leading HP original inkjet technology designed with replaceable plug-and-play cartridges. It has a high-definition touch screen display 300 dpi printing quality prints dates time

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Product introduction

530 Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer

Able Tech's 530 Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer adopt the world's leading HP original inkjet technology, designed with replaceable plug-and-play cartridges. With high-definition smart touch screen display, 300 dpi printing quality, prints dates, time, and serial numbers etc. Bar codes, QR codes and images are all also included as available formats. Porous and non porous inks in many colors available.
530 handheld inkjet printer


•4.3 inch intelligent operation panel.
•Large capacity information storage. One Ink Cartridge provides 300,0000 characters spraying(2mm character).
•Dot word and graphics printing. The edited text and graphics imported from USB disk could be printed directly, Very easy to operate.
•Long battery life, for 10 hour standby time.
•Barcode, QR code and Datamatrix code enabled as well as logo printing
•Touchscreen thumb drive and pc data entry and backup (comes with pc software)
•Working together with the machine stand/holder with sensor and conveyor,  then it can achieve your production line coding process!
530 handheld inkjet printer -1


Material: Stainless steel main case with spray treatment surface
Screen: Color touch screen
Size: 130mm(length)*128mm(width)*200mm(height)
Printing direction: 360° all direction printing, whether it is facing upwards or downwards, meet all your needs of production.
Font: Built-in Standard fonts, input method, Touch online editing, without computer connection. User-friendly control.
Print font: High definition printing font( print form), Bitmap Font, Built-in Chinese and English fonts,etc...
Pint pattern: Jet printing all kinds of trademark patterns, your required patterns can be imported through a usb flash drive.
Print precision: 300DPI(high definition)
Print Llines: 1~6 lines---adjustable.
Print height: 2mm~12mm---adjustable.
Print barcode: Barcode&QR code
Print distance: 2mm~5mm(from the nozzle to your printed object) 1mm~3mm best.
Serial number: 1~8 digits, variable.
Automatic print: date, time,batch number,lot number, shift, serial number...(variation with the real time)
Information storage: More than 1000 E byte information.(USB flash disk installable outside)
Message length: Acceptable for more than 2200 letters each message, length limitless.
Print speed: Maximum 50m/minute(for continuous printing), immovable as the increase of lines.
packaging and acccessories of handheld inkjet printer

Ink : Fast-dry, environmentally friendly ink, water-based ink, oil-based ink.
Ink Colors Available: Black, White, Light Blue, Red, Yellow
Ink cartridge capacity: 50ml, one ink cartridge can printing 3 billions letters(2mm)
External interface: USB, DB9, DB15, optic electric interface, or insert the USB flash drive directly.
Power supply: DC16.8V lithium battery, 10 hours working on a charge. Standby time:20 hours(when open screensaver)
Control panel: Smart Touchpad(wireless mouse acceptable, or import the edited text by USB flash disk.
Weight: 1.18kg
System Power Consumption: Average power lower than 5W.
Work enviroment temperature: 0 degree~ 38 degree.
Humidity: 10%~80%.
Print matrial: blockboard, carton, stone, medium density, fiberboard, lightgage, steel joist, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cable, etc...
print material
Video: How to start printing by 530 handheld inkjet printer?

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